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December 18, 2020

Trademark Summary

The trademark SUNEALY was filed by Pengfei Jia, a national of the Federal Republic of Germany (the "Applicant") and Yaohui Cheng, a national of the People's Republic of China (the "Co-Applicant", and jointly with the "Applicant" referred to as the "Applicants" going forward). The application was published for oppositions on January 18, 2021, and received one opposition filed on April 16, 2021 by SOMFY ACTIVITES SA on Likelihood of confusion. the opponent was represented by CABINET LAVOIX and proceedings were handled in French, and the oppositon was dismissed by the Euorpean Union Intellectual Property Office with decision issued April 16, 2021

The application was filed in English, and English was also language of all opposition proceedings (French was selected as the second language).

Appointment and Replacement of representative of the trademark registration was recorded on December 29, 2021.

Goods And Services

  • The mark was filed in class 7 with following description of goods:
    1. Washing apparatus
    2. Machines for washing laboratory apparatus
    3. Cloth washing machines
    4. Laundry washing machines
    5. Clothes washing machines
    6. Electric washing machines
    7. Industrial washing machines
    8. Carpet washing machines
    9. Domestic washing machines
    10. Floor washing machines
    11. Ultrasonic washing machines
    12. Textile washing machines
    13. Vehicle washing machines
    14. Car washing machines
    15. Pressure washing machines
    16. Washing drums [machines]
    17. Glass washing machines
    18. Bottle washing machines
    19. Fruit washing machines
    20. Washing machines [laundry]
    21. Colour-washing machines
    22. Roller washing machines for washing print rollers
    23. Washing machines for laundry
    24. Silkworm egg washing machines
    25. Window glass washing machines
    26. Washing machines for crockery
    27. Washing machines (Coin-operated -)
    28. Washing machines for utensils
    29. Electric clothes-washing machines
    30. Machines for washing bottles
    31. Washing machines for pans
    32. Washing floors (Machines for -)
    33. Golf ball washing machines
    34. Machines for washing fabrics
    35. Washing machines for clothes
    36. Machines for pressure washing
    37. Machines for washing laundry
    38. Washing machines for pots
    39. Industrial robot washing machines
    40. Coin-operated washing machines
    41. Washing machines incorporating tumble driers
    42. Washing machines incorporating drying facilities
    43. Combination washing and drying machines
    44. Combined washing and drying machines
    45. Washing machines for kitchen bowls
    46. Combined washing and brushing machines
    47. Machines for washing clothing [electric]
    48. Machines for washing laundry [electric]
    49. Washing machines for household purposes
    50. Brakes for industrial washing machines
    51. Machines for washing food [electric]
    52. Machines for washing golf balls
    53. Compressors for laundry washing machines
    54. Machines for washing clothing [coin-operated]
    55. Machines for washing laundry [coin-operated]
    56. Pumps being parts of washing machines
    57. Combined washing machines and tumble driers
    58. Electric washing machines for industrial purposes
    59. Dish washing machines for industrial purposes
    60. Laundry washing machines for household use
    61. Electric washing machines for household purposes
    62. Dish washing machines for household purposes
    63. Textile washing machines [for industrial purposes]
    64. Industrial brakes for industrial washing machines
    65. Sweeping, cleaning, washing and laundering machines
    66. Spray nozzles for attachment to pressure washing machines
    67. High-pressure pumps for washing appliances and installations
    68. Rotary nozzles for use with high pressure water washing machines
    69. Spray lances for attachment to pressure washing machines for cleaning purposes
    70. Dust exhausting installations for cleaning purposes
    71. Dust removing installations for cleaning purposes
    72. High pressure washers
    73. Multi-purpose high pressure washers
    74. Vacuum cleaner attachments for disseminating perfumes and disinfectants
    75. Vacuum cleaner hoses
    76. Hoses for vacuum cleaners
    77. Hoses for electric vacuum cleaners
    78. 3D printers
    79. 3D printing pens
    80. Three dimensional (3D) printers
    81. Lifting apparatus
    82. Pneumatic lifting apparatus [machines]
    83. Mobile vehicle lifting apparatus
    84. Lifting machines
    85. Cranes [lifting and hoisting apparatus]
    86. Machines for lifting
    87. Lifting tackle [machines]
    88. Machines for lifting vehicles
    89. Load carrying [lifting] machines
    90. Remotely controlled lifting machines
    91. Pneumatically operated lifting jacks [machines]
    92. Lifting machines for handling loads
    93. Lifting machines for transporting bulk materials
    94. Buckets for use with hydraulic lifting machines
    95. Lifting and hoisting equipment, elevators and escalators
    96. Hangers [parts of machines]
    97. Pressure valves [parts of machines]
    98. Pressure reducer valves [parts of machines]
    99. Pressure reducing valves [parts of machines]
    100. Pressure regulating valves parts of machines
    101. Pressure regulating valves being parts of machines
    102. Pressure control valves being parts of machines
    103. Pressure controllers [valves] being parts of machines
    104. Regulating valves [parts of machines]
    105. Valves [mechanical] for regulating fluid flow
    106. Level regulating valves [parts of machines]
    107. Traps (Steam -)
    108. Steam traps
    109. Taps [parts of machines, engines or motors]
    110. Taps [machine tools]
    111. Taps being machine tools
    112. Taps being mechanically operated tools
    113. Taps being parts of engines
    114. Taps being parts of motors
    115. Taps being parts of machines
    116. Valves [parts of machines]
    117. Slide valves [parts of machines]
    118. Lockable valves [parts of machines]
    119. Control valves [parts of machines]
    120. Safety valves [parts of machines]
    121. Valves being parts of machines
    122. Stop valves [parts of machines]
    123. Dosing valves [parts of machines]
    124. Hydraulic valves [parts of machines]
    125. Valves (Clack -) [parts of machines]
    126. Clack valves [parts of machines]
    127. Spray valves [parts of machines]
    128. Regulators [valves] being parts of machines
    129. Metal safety valves [parts of machines]
    130. Sludge valves being parts of machines
    131. Vacuum control valves [parts of machines]
    132. Temperature control valves [parts of machines]
    133. Butterfly valves being parts of machines
    134. Angle valves being parts of machines
    135. Ball valves being parts of machines
    136. Stop valves of metal [parts of machines]
    137. Waste gas return valves [parts of machines]
    138. Stop valves of plastic [parts of machines]
    139. Cocks [valves] of metal parts of machines
    140. Check valves of metal [parts of machines]
    141. Sludge cocks [valves] being parts of machines
    142. Check valves (non-metallic -) [parts of machines]
    143. Butterfly valves (Non-metallic -) being parts of machines
    144. Non-return valves of plastic [parts of machines]
    145. Butterfly valves of metal being parts of machines
    146. Non-return valves of metal [parts of machines]
    147. Conveyors for agricultural and horticultural machinery and parts and fittings therefor
    148. Roller conveyors
    149. Bridges (Roller -)
    150. Roller bridges
    151. Roller bearings
    152. Glazing rollers
    153. Conveying rollers
    154. Printing rollers
    155. Bearing rollers
    156. Conveyor rollers
    157. Road rollers
    158. Tamping rollers [machines]
    159. Barley press rollers
    160. Spiked rollers [machines]
    161. Rollers for bearings
    162. Calender rollers [machines]
    163. Garden rollers [machines]
    164. Rollers (Printing -) for machines
    165. Wringing machines incorporating rollers
    166. Roller tracks for use in roller conveyor apparatus
    167. Roller bearings for machines
    168. Roller bearings [machine parts]
    169. Sewing machinery
    170. Silk reeling machinery
    171. Paper making machinery
    172. Timber harvesting machinery
    173. Thrusters for machinery
    174. Silk spinning machinery
    175. Bottle capping machinery
    176. Machinery for working glass
    177. Machinery for shaping glass
    178. Machinery for shaping wood
    179. Machinery for shaping metal
    180. Machinery for working metal
    181. Assembly line conveyor machinery
    182. Machinery for working wood
    183. Steerable drilling machinery for earth displacement
    184. Steerable excavating machinery for earth displacement
    185. Machinery for working plastic material
    186. Machinery for shaping plastic material
    187. Bearings [parts of machines]
    188. Mounted bearings [parts of machines]
    189. Shaft bearings [parts of machines]
    190. Bearings, as parts of machines
    191. Pulleys incorporating bearings [parts of machines]
    192. Vehicle washing installations
    193. Robotic vehicle washing installations
    194. Washing installations for vehicles
    195. Installations for automated washing of vehicles
    196. Cleaning (Machines and apparatus for -), electric
    197. Machines and apparatus for cleaning, electric
    198. Central vacuum cleaning installations
    199. Leather tanning machines
    200. Leather-working machines
    201. Leather paring machines
    202. Machines for finishing leather
    203. Sewing machines for textiles and leather
    204. Carpet cleaning machines
    205. Machines for carpet cleaning
    206. Carpet cleaning machines [electric]
    207. Industrial carpet cleaning machines
    208. Machines for cleaning carpets
    209. Electrical carpet cleaning [shampooing] machines
    210. Electric carpet vacuum cleaners
    211. Agricultural, earthmoving, construction, oil and gas extraction and mining equipment
    212. Agricultural, gardening and forestry machines and apparatus
    213. Amphibious bulldozers
    214. Articulated loaders
    215. Attachments for bulldozers
    216. Attachments for excavators
    217. Automatic grapnels for marine purposes
    218. Bits for mining machines
    219. Blades for earth moving machines
    220. Boring tools [machine tools]
    221. Boring tools operated by machines
    222. Buckets for earth moving machines
    223. Combined skips and mixers for producing concrete
    224. Concrete spraying machines
    225. Construction vehicles, other than for transportation purposes
    226. Crushing machines
    227. Cutters for raise boring
    228. Oil drilling rigs
    229. Oil drilling tools
    230. Oil-well pumping machines
    231. Ore treating machines
    232. Peeling machines
    233. Pile-extractors
    234. Plungers [machines]
    235. Pneumatic shears
    236. Pumps for concrete
    237. Stone cutting machines
    238. Swamp dozer shovels
    239. Tractor-towed reapers
    240. Tilt hammers
    241. Trench cutters
    242. Trenching machines
    243. Truck mills [for mining purposes]
    244. Undercutters [machines]
    245. Vibrating machines
    246. Dispensing machines
    247. Spraying machines
    248. Vending machines
    249. Adhesive tape dispensers [machines]
    250. Automated laundry detergent dispensers
    251. Automatic dispensing machines
    252. Dispensing machines [other than vending machines]
    253. Dispensing machines for soap
    254. Distribution machines, automatic
    255. Electronic feeders for animals
    256. Fuel dispensing pumps for service stations
    257. Fuel nozzles
    258. Fuel pumps
    259. Fuel pumps for land vehicles
    260. Grease guns operated by compressed air
    261. Glue guns, electric
    262. Gumball machines
    263. Hot melt glue guns
    264. Guns for fuel dispensing pumps
    265. Hydrogen dispensing pumps for service stations
    266. Label dispensing machines [other than for office use]
    267. Lubricating guns [machines]
    268. Lubrication machines
    269. Machine operated glue dispensers
    270. Mechanized livestock waterers
    271. Pneumatic grease guns
    272. Powder applying apparatus for printing machines
    273. Power-operated lubricant dispensers for machines
    274. Robotic electric glue guns
    275. Single point grease dispensers (Electric -)
    276. Sprinkling devices [machines]
    277. Battery operated spraying machines
    278. Powder coating spray guns
    279. Power-operated spray guns
    280. Power-operated sprayers
    281. Power-operated sprayers for insecticides
    282. Refrigerated vending machines
    283. Stamp vending machine
    284. Vending machines (Counter operated -)
    285. Emergency and rescue machines and machine tools
    286. Battering ram [hydraulic]
    287. Forcible entry tools [powered tools]
    288. Hydraulic extension rams [for emergency and rescue]
    289. Hydraulic rescue tools
    290. Hydraulic shears [for emergency and rescue]
    291. Hydraulic spreader [for emergency and rescue]
    292. Pneumatic lifting bags [for emergency and rescue]
    293. Rescue saws [power tools]
    294. Wheels and tracks for machines
    295. Bucket wheels
    296. Friction wheels for machines
    297. Gear wheels for machines
    298. Machine wheels
    299. Machine wheelwork
    300. Roller tracks for use in belt conveyor apparatus
    301. Rubber tracks being parts of crawlers on agricultural machines
    302. Rubber tracks being parts of crawlers on construction machines
    303. Rubber tracks being parts of crawlers on loading-unloading machines and apparatus
    304. Rubber tracks being parts of crawlers on mining machines
    305. Rubber tracks being parts of crawlers on snow ploughs
    306. Rubber tracks for use with crawlers on agricultural machines
    307. Rubber tracks for use with crawlers on construction machines
    308. Rubber tracks for use with crawlers on loading-unloading machines and apparatus
    309. Rubber tracks for use with crawlers on mining machines
    310. Rubber tracks for use with crawlers on snow ploughs
    311. Spur wheels [parts of machines]
    312. Toothed wheels for driving chains
    313. Worm wheels for machines
    314. Machine fly-wheels
    315. Access platforms [mechanical]
    316. Actuating mechanisms for controlling rudders
    317. Actuating mechanisms for controlling slats
    318. Actuating mechanisms for operating aircraft flaps
    319. Actuators for dampers
    320. Actuators for valves
    321. Actuators incorporating a gear mechanism for pipeline valves
    322. Adapters for machine tools
    323. Adaptors for pipes [parts of machines]
    324. Adaptors for tool bits [parts of machines]
    325. Aeronautical engines
    326. Aeroplane engines
    327. Afterburners for air vehicle engines
    328. Afterburners for water vehicle engines
    329. Air cleaners [air filters] for engines
    330. Air ducting for jet engines
    331. Air filters for automobile engines
    332. Air filters for motorcycle engines
    333. Aircraft engines
    334. Airsprings for machines
    335. Alternating current motors for airborne vehicles
    336. Alternating current motors for jet engines
    337. Ball bushings
    338. Ball rings for bearings
    339. Ball rings for machine tools
    340. Ball screw cartridges
    341. Ball screws
    342. Bearing brackets for machines
    343. Bearing brackets for ball bearings
    344. Bearing brackets for roller bearings
    345. Bearing cages being parts of machines
    346. Bearing housings
    347. Bearing housings [machine parts]
    348. Bearing inserts
    349. Bearing inserts [machine parts]
    350. Bearing rod ends
    351. Bearing to shaft locking devices
    352. Bearing units for wheels
    353. Bearings and bushings [machine parts]
    354. Bearings for machines
    355. Bearings for shafts
    356. Wind turbines
    357. Wire brushes [parts of machines]
    358. Wire brushes for use in machines
    359. Wood grippers [parts of machines]
    360. Work clamps for machine tools
    361. Workpiece carriers [parts of machines]
    362. Workpiece clamping attachments [parts of machines]
    363. Workpiece indexing devices [parts of machines]
    364. Workpiece locators [machines]
    365. Workpiece locators [parts of machines]
    366. Workpiece slide tables [machines]
    367. Workpiece slide tables [parts of machines]
    368. Generators of electricity
    369. Alternators
    370. Bicycle dynamos
    371. Brushes being parts of dynamos
    372. Brushes being parts of generators
    373. Carbon brushes [electricity]
    374. Carbon brushes for alternators
    375. Carbon brushes for dynamos
    376. Current generators
    377. Dynamo brushes
    378. Dynamos
    379. Electric generator power sets
    380. Electric power generators for emergency use
    381. Electric power generators for ships
    382. Electric power generators using geothermal power
    383. Electric power generators using waste heat
    384. Electrical generator groups
    385. Electrical generator stations
    386. Electrical generators using solar cells
    387. Electrostatic generators
    388. Emergency power generators
    389. Emergency power supply generators
    390. Engines for the generation of electricity
    391. Power supply apparatus [generators]
    392. Power installations [generators]
    393. Solar power generators
    394. Stators [parts of machines]
    395. Steam operated power generators
    396. Uninterruptible power supplies [machines] for the generation of electrical energy
    397. Gas operated power generators
    398. Generators
    399. Generators for land vehicles
    400. Generators for wind turbines
    401. High-voltage generators
    402. Industrial robots
    403. Automated robotic handling apparatus for loading and unloading of goods
    404. Automatic robotic spray guns for paint
    405. Housekeeping robots for household purpose
    406. Indoor self-driving robots for industrial use
    407. Industrial robot scotching machines
    408. Industrial robot sewing machines
    409. Industrial robot tentering machines
    410. Industrial robot textile milling machines
    411. Industrial robots for use in the handling of workpieces
    412. Industrial robots for use in the mounting of workpieces to be worked on
    413. Industrial robots for working glass
    414. Industrial robots for working metal
    415. Robotic apparatus for handling materials
    416. Robotic arms for industrial purposes
    417. Robotic cleaners for household purposes
    418. Robotic cleaning [polishing] machines for floors
    419. Robotic cleaning machines
    420. Industrial robots for working plastic material
    421. Robotic labelling machines
    422. Robotic loaders for diffusion furnaces
    423. Robotic mechanisms for conveying
    424. Robotic jigsaw machines
    425. Robotic handling apparatus
    426. Robotic mechanisms for shaping glass
    427. Robotic mechanisms for shaping metal
    428. Robotic mechanisms for shaping plastic material
    429. Robotic mechanisms for shaping wood
    430. Robotic mechanisms for transportation
    431. Robotic vacuum cleaners
    432. Robotic separators
    433. Robotic swimming pool cleaning machines
    434. Robotic painting machines
    435. Robotic plugging machines
    436. Robotic packaging machines
    437. Robots for handling rods
    438. Robots for machine tools
    439. Robots for transferring workpieces
    440. Robots for welding
    441. Robotic welding machines
    442. Robots for feeding workpieces
    443. Sewing robots
    444. Transportation robots
    445. Machines and machine tools for treatment of materials and for manufacturing
    446. Coating machines
    447. Cutting, drilling, abrading, sharpening and surface treatment machines and apparatus
    448. Filtering machines, separators and centrifuges
    449. Food and beverage processing and preparation machines and apparatus
    450. Machines, machine tools, and power-operated tools and apparatus, for fastening and joining
    451. Material production and processing machines
    452. Mills and crushing machines
    453. Printing and bookbinding machines
    454. Shaping and moulding machines
    455. Waste management and recycling machines
    456. Absorbing machines for chemical processing
    457. Aerators
    458. Aerocondensers
    459. Air condensers
    460. Air driven hand tools
    461. Air hammers
    462. Air-cooled condensers
    463. Air-powered tools
    464. Anti-swinging brakes for tongs
    465. Wire pulling grips [machines]
    466. Wood beating machines
    467. Woodworking machines
    468. Yarn singeing machines
    469. Yarn slivering and combing machines
    470. Yarn tension control devices [parts of machines]
    471. Roller installations for brake testing
    472. Rope making machines
    473. Rotary hammers [machines]
    474. Rotary tool bits [machines]
    475. Rotary tools [machines]
    476. Rotating centres [machines]
    477. Rotating electrical machines
    478. Refrigeration condensers
    479. Rinsing machines
    480. Ratchet handles [machines]
    481. Matrices for setting presses
    482. Mechanical mixing machines
    483. Mechanical tools
    484. Memory chip manufacturing machines
    485. Miniature power tools
    486. Miniature power tools being parts of sets
    487. Mixers [machines]
    488. Mixers for furnace repair materials
    489. Welding and soldering machines and devices
    490. Adjustable screwdrivers (Electric -)
    491. Air ratchet wrenches
    492. Air screwdrivers
    493. Air tackers
    494. Miniature screwdrivers (Electric -)
    495. Multi-spindle automatic screw machines
    496. Multiple function hand-held screwdrivers (Electric -)
    497. Nailing machines
    498. Needle pistols [machines]
    499. Nut spinners [machines]
    500. Nut splitters [machines]
    501. Riveting machines
    502. Rotary index machines
    503. Screwdriver bits for electric screwdrivers
    504. Screwdriver bits for machines
    505. Screwdrivers, electric
    506. Screwdrivers, pneumatic
    507. Screwing-in tools (Electric -)
    508. Screwing-in tools [machines]
    509. Pinning machines
    510. Plywood gluing machines
    511. Automatic sheet collating machines
    512. Bar code printers [machines]
    513. Binding machines
    514. Bookbinding apparatus and machines for industrial purposes
    515. Bookbinding machines
    516. Boxes for matrices [printing]
    517. Carrier sheets for flexographic printing plates
    518. Dry ink transfer machines
    519. Embossing machines
    520. Embossing printing machines
    521. Flexographic printing machines
    522. Flexographic printing plates
    523. Gripper bars for use in printing presses
    524. Hot print foiling machines
    525. Image reproduction machines [printing]
    526. Image transfer machines [printing]
    527. Impact printers [machines]
    528. Industrial inkjet printing machines
    529. Industrial printing machines
    530. Moving and handling equipment
    531. Conveyors and conveyors belts
    532. Packaging machines
    533. Air cushion devices for moving loads
    534. Air hose reels [mechanical]
    535. Automated machines for loading materials
    536. Case loading machines
    537. Casing cutters
    538. Chemical handling machines
    539. Crawler-tracked loaders
    540. Depalletisers [machines]
    541. Dividing machines
    542. Electrically powered windlasses
    543. Elevating work platforms
    544. Envelope feeders
    545. Envelope-inserting machines
    546. Feeding apparatus for engine boilers
    547. Skid steer loaders
    548. Sorting machines for industry
    549. Sorting machines, other than for money
    550. Spool unwinders [machines]
    551. Spring driven reels
    552. Spur wheel pulley blocks [parts of machines]
    553. Stacking machines
    554. Stacking machines for ingots
    555. Pumps, compressors and blowers
    556. Aerating pumps
    557. Aerating pumps for aquaria
    558. Aeration pumps for ponds
    559. Air blowing machines
    560. Air compressors
    561. Air pumps
    562. Air pumps [garage installations]
    563. Air pumps for use in terrariums
    564. Air suction machines
    565. Aquarium pumps
    566. Aquarium air stones [pumps]
    567. Automatic inlet control valves for reciprocating air compressors
    568. Axial flow blowers
    569. Axial flow compressors
    570. Axial pumps
    571. Basement draining installations
    572. Blowing machines for the compression, exhaustion and transport of gases
    573. Blowing machines for the compression, sucking and carrying of grain
    574. Centrifugal blowers
    575. Jet pumps for vacuum generation
    576. Jets being parts of machines
    577. Lubricating pumps
    578. Macerator pumps
    579. Machines for inflating balloons
    580. Marine pumps
    581. Metered gasoline pumps
    582. Multi-phase screw pumps
    583. Oil drain pumps
    584. Exterior clearing and cleaning machines
    585. Cleaning machines for streets
    586. Plough blades for vehicles
    587. Road sweeping attachments for vehicles
    588. Road sweeping machines, self-propelled
    589. Snow blowing attachments for vehicles
    590. Snow blowing machines
    591. Snow blowing vehicles
    592. Snow cutting attachments for vehicles
    593. Snow moving attachments for vehicles
    594. Snow moving vehicles
    595. Snow plough blades
    596. Snow ploughs
    597. Snow throwers
    598. Snow removal apparatus [machines]
    599. Snowblowers
    600. Street cleaning machines (Hand-propelled -)
    601. Street cleaning vehicles [machines]
    602. Street sweeping vehicles [machines]
    603. Vehicle mounted road sweepers
    604. Ironing machines and laundry presses
    605. Brakes for presses
    606. Calenders
    607. Clothes pressing machines
    608. Electric clothing pressing machines
    609. Iron pressing machines
    610. Ironing machines
    611. Ironing machines for textile articles
    612. Ironing presses
    613. Laundry folding machines
    614. Laundry presses
    615. Mangles [clothes pressing machines]
    616. Rotary machines for ironing clothes
    617. Rotary steam presses, portable, for fabrics
    618. Wringing machines for laundry
    619. Acetylene cleaning apparatus
    620. Air jet cleaners (Electric -)
    621. Attrition machines for cleaning
    622. Automatic floor scrubbers
    623. Automatic swimming pool sweepers
    624. Bags of plastics for vacuum cleaners
    625. Barn cleaners [machines]
    626. Brushes for vacuum cleaners
    627. Brushes, electrically operated [parts of machines]
    628. Brushing [sweeping] machines
    629. Car washing installations
    630. Carpet brushing machines
    631. Carpet shampoo applicators (Electric -)
    632. Central vacuum cleaning apparatus
    633. Centrifugal machines
    634. Centrifuges
    635. Cleaning appliances utilizing steam
    636. Cleaning machines for aviation engines
    637. Cleaning machines for ponds
    638. Cocoon drying machines
    639. Commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners
    640. Continuous scouring and bleaching machines
    641. Cordless sweepers
    642. Cordless vacuum cleaners
    643. Cotton cleaning machines
    644. Degreasers [machines]
    645. Dishwasher racks being parts of a dishwasher
    646. Dishwashers
    647. Dishwashers for household purposes
    648. Dry cleaning [laundry] machines
    649. Dry-cleaning machines
    650. Dust filters and bags for vacuum cleaners
    651. Dust filters for vacuum cleaners
    652. Electric brooms
    653. Electric carpet sweepers
    654. Electric carpet shampooers
    655. Electric fan units for vacuum cleaners
    656. Electric high pressure cleaners
    657. Electric shoe cleaning [polishing] machines
    658. Electric steam cleaning machines
    659. Electric vacuum cleaners
    660. Electric vacuum cleaners and their components
    661. Electric vacuum cleaners for bedding
    662. Electric vacuum cleaners for industrial use
    663. Electric wax-polishing machines for household purposes
    664. Electric window cleaning equipment
    665. Electrical beaters for carpets
    666. Electrical domestic machines for vacuuming
    667. Electrical vacuum cleaners for domestic use
    668. Electrically operated brushes, being parts of machines
    669. Electrically operated suction cleaners [domestic]
    670. Floor cleaning machines
    671. Floor maintenance machines [electric] for polishing
    672. Floor polishing machines
    673. Floor scrubbing machines
    674. Hand held vacuum cleaners (Electric -) with disposable chambers
    675. Hand held vacuum cleaners (Electric -)
    676. Industrial carpet shampooing machines
    677. Industrial carpet vacuuming machines
    678. Industrial cleaning machines
    679. Industrial cleaning machines [polishers]
    680. Industrial cleaning machines [shampooers]
    681. Industrial cleaning machines [vacuum cleaners]
    682. Industrial cleaning machines utilising pressure jets
    683. Industrial degreasing machines
    684. Industrial dry-cleaning machines
    685. Industrial floor cleaning [polishing] machines
    686. Industrial floor cleaning machines
    687. Industrial floor cleaning machines [vacuum cleaners]
    688. Industrial vacuum machines for cleaning
    689. Knife cleaning machines
    690. Knife polishing machines
    691. Laundry drying machines without heating
    692. Liquid detergent feeders
    693. Machines and apparatus for carpet shampooing, electric
    694. Machines and apparatus for polishing [electric]
    695. Machines and apparatus for wax-polishing, electric
    696. Machines for banknote cleaning
    697. Machines for cleaning surfaces using high pressure water
    698. Multi-purpose steam cleaners
    699. Non-woven discs being parts of machines for use in cleaning
    700. Non-woven rollers being parts of machines for use in polishing
    701. Non-woven wheels being parts of machines for use in scouring
    702. Pads for floor polishing machines
    703. Parquet wax-polishers, electric
    704. Pigs for cleaning pipes
    705. Pilotless cleaning vehicles
    706. Polishing discs [parts of machines]
    707. Polishing discs for use with electric floor polishers
    708. Replacement bags of paper for vacuum cleaners
    709. Rapid scouring machines
    710. Robotic cleaning [vacuuming] machines for floors
    711. Robots for cleaning
    712. Sand cleaning machines
    713. Scouring machines for textiles
    714. Shoe cleaners [brushes, electric]
    715. Shoe polishers, electric
    716. Spin driers [machines]
    717. Spin dryers [not heated]
    718. Spin dryers for household purposes (not heated)
    719. Spot cleaning machines
    720. Squeegees [machines]
    721. Steam cleaners for household purposes
    722. Steam cleaning machines
    723. Steam mops
    724. Stick-type vacuum cleaners
    725. Suction cleaning machines for use in manufacture
    726. Suction nozzles for vacuum cleaners
    727. Sweeping machines
    728. Sweeping machines for use in swimming pools
    729. Swimming pool cleaning machines
    730. Truck tyre washing systems
    731. Ultrasonic cleaning instruments for industrial use
    732. Ultrasonic cleaning instruments for jewellery
    733. Upholstery shampoo applicators (Electric -)
    734. Utensil baskets for dishwashing machines
    735. Vacuum cleaner bags
    736. Vacuum cleaners
    737. Vacuum cleaners for cars
    738. Vacuum cleaners for industrial purposes
    739. Vacuum cleaners for the cleaning of surfaces
    740. Vacuum cleaners powered by rechargeable batteries
    741. Vacuum cleaning machines for use in households
    742. Wet and dry vacuum cleaners
    743. Wet vacuum cleaners
    744. Whitewashing machines
    745. Window cleaning tools (Electric -) incorporating brushes
    746. Jaws of life [powered rescue shears].