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August 4, 2017

Trademark Summary

The trademark application Voigtländer was filed by Voigtländer GmbH, a corporation established under the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany (the "Applicant"). The application was published for oppositions on September 21, 2017, and it was registered by office on December 29, 2017 without any oppositions.

The application was filed in German (English was selected as the second language).

Goods And Services

  • The mark was filed in class 1 with Photographic paper, chemicals used in photography, photo chemicals, unexposed photographic and cinematographic films, papers, plates and sheets and Photographic and cinematographic film material..
  • The mark was filed in class 9 with following description of goods:
    1. Photographic apparatus and instruments, cinematographic apparatus and instruments, optical apparatus and instruments, and parts of the aforesaid goods
    2. Apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound, images or data
    3. Physical, chemical, optical measuring and monitoring apparatus, all for photographic purposes
    4. Electronic apparatus for making images, recording images and reproducing images
    5. Data carrier
    6. Lens
    7. Optical lenses
    8. Distance measuring apparatus
    9. Telescopes
    10. Microscopes
    11. Viewing apparatus
    12. Light filters
    13. Polarization filters and Polarimeters
    14. Focusing screens
    15. Optical measuring and testing apparatus
    16. Lens hoods
    17. Light shafts
    18. Adjustment devices for optical apparatus, holders and change-over devices for objectives, lenses and eyepieces
    19. Adapter rings for positioning of lenses on cameras
    20. Adjustment and depth focusing computers and depth focusing charts
    21. Apparatus for measuring light and colour radiation
    22. Photometers, colorimeters, densitometers, photographic, cinematographic, radiographic recording and reproduction apparatus and parts therefor
    23. Analog and digital cameras
    24. Photographic shutters, namely lens shutters, central shutters, hinged shutters, focal-plane shutters
    25. Diaphragms (photography), Cross-fade devices
    26. Releases for photographic, optical and cinematographic apparatus and instruments
    27. Light meters and Exposure calculators
    28. Batteries and condensers, tripods and parts therefor
    29. Camera Handles
    30. Special cases and special bags for films, objectives (lenses), cameras and photographic apparatus
    31. Projection equipment and apparatus for recording and reproduction of films, and accessories therefore, namely optical filters, lens hoods (photography), objectives (lenses), flash-bulbs, flashlight apparatus, film lamps (included in class 9), tripods, film sorting equipment, cutting devices, hand-operated optical cleaning devices, reels, projection screens, titlers, motion picture viewers, image and film storage containers and cases, slide frames, light boxes, film cassettes
    32. Transparency projection apparatus, Transparencies [photography], Frames for photographic transparencies, Centering apparatus for photographic transparencies
    33. Projection lamps being projection apparatus
    34. Projection screens
    35. Optical development and copying apparatus and accessories for photography, namely optical filters, Lens hoods, Development tanks, development bowls, Desiccating apparatus, Film hangers, Darkroom lamps (photography), Enlarging apparatus
    36. Exposed photographic and cinematographic films, papers, plates and sheets, exposed photographic and cinematographic film material
    37. Apparatus and equipment for digital recording, transmission or reproduction of images, sound and data, in particular digital cameras, digital video cameras and telephone transmission apparatus
    38. Telecommunications equipment
    39. Telephones
    40. Mobile telephones, video phones
    41. Hands free kits for phones and mobile telephones
    42. Electronic apparatus and equipment for processing and reproduction of digital image, data and audio recordings, in particular computers and peripheral devices for computers, monitors, printers, scanners
    43. Electronic equipment and apparatus for scanning text and image templates and for converting the data contained in these templates into digital format
    44. Software for the aforesaid apparatus and equipment, included in class 9
    45. Recording and storage media for digital recording, processing and reproduction of images, audio and data
    46. Telectommunications cards with (prepaid cards) and without (SIM cards) stored amounts of money
    47. Magnetic cards, magnetic identity cards
    48. Downloadable ringtones for telecommunications apparatus, downloadable electronic publications in form of images and logos
    49. Electric accumulators and batteries and chargers for the aforesaid goods.