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June 1, 2017

Trademark Summary

The trademark application Dexus was filed by Dexus eBusiness GmbH, a corporation established under the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany (the "Applicant"). The application was published for oppositions on June 13, 2017, and it was registered by office on September 20, 2017 without any oppositions.

The application was filed in German (English was selected as the second language).

Goods And Services

  • The mark was filed in class 6 with following description of goods:
    1. Building and construction materials and elements of metal
    2. Structures and transportable buildings of metal
    3. Containers, and transportation and packaging articles, of metal
    4. Small items of metal hardware
    5. Unprocessed and semi-processed materials of metal, not specified for use
    6. Statues and works of art of common metals
    7. Doors, gates, windows and window coverings of metal.
  • The mark was filed in class 7 with following description of goods:
    1. Industrial robots
    2. Sweeping, cleaning, washing and laundering machines
    3. Agricultural, earthmoving, construction, oil and gas extraction and mining equipment
    4. Machines and machine tools for treatment of materials and for manufacturing
    5. Pumps, compressors and fans, other than vehicle pumps, vehicle compressors and vehicle fans
    6. Moving and handling equipment
    7. Boat engines
    8. Outboard engines for boats.
  • The mark was filed in class 8 with following description of goods:
    1. Hygienic and beauty implements for humans and animals
    2. Hand-operated tools and implements for treatment of materials, and for construction, repair and maintenance
    3. Lifting Tools
    4. Edged and blunt weapons
    5. Food preparation implements, kitchen knives and cutting implements, cutlery for eating
    6. Food preparation implements, kitchen knives and cutlery.
  • The mark was filed in class 10 with following description of goods:
    1. Hearing protection devices
    2. Physical therapy equipment
    3. Feeding aids and pacifiers
    4. Medical clothing
    5. Medical furniture and bedding, equipment for moving patients
    6. Medical and veterinary apparatus and instruments
    7. Orthopedic and mobility aids
    8. Prosthetics and artificial implants
    9. Sex aids.
  • The mark was filed in class 11 with following description of goods:
    1. Flues and installations for conveying exhaust gases
    2. Igniters
    3. Lighting and lighting reflectors
    4. Burners, boilers and heaters
    5. Sun tanning appliances
    6. Filters for industrial and household use
    7. Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning and purification equipment (ambient)
    8. Industrial treatment installations
    9. Nuclear installations
    10. Food and beverage cooking, heating, cooling and treatment equipment
    11. Refrigerating and freezing equipment
    12. Personal heating and drying implements
    13. Regulating and safety accessories for water and gas installations
    14. Drying installations
    15. Fireplaces
    16. Sanitary installations, water supply and sanitation equipment.
  • The mark was filed in class 12 with following description of goods:
    1. Water vehicles
    2. Drones
    3. Ski lifts.
  • The mark was filed in class 14 with following description of goods:
    1. Gemstones, pearls and precious metals, and imitations thereof
    2. Jewellery
    3. Key rings and key chains, and charms therefor
    4. Jewellery boxes and watch boxes
    5. Time instruments
    6. Statues and figurines, made of or coated with precious or semi-precious metals or stones, or imitations thereof
    7. Ornaments, made of or coated with precious or semi-precious metals or stones, or imitations thereof
    8. Gold bullion
    9. Decorative boxes made of precious metal
    10. Decorative articles [trinkets or jewellery] for personal use
    11. Commemorative shields
    12. Prayer beads
    13. Commemorative coins
    14. Commemorative statuary cups made of precious metal
    15. Prize cups of precious metals
    16. Gold bullion coins
    17. Grave markers of precious metal
    18. Identification bracelets [jewelry]
    19. Iridium alloys
    20. Ceramic discs for use as tokens of value
    21. Works of art of precious metal
    22. Copper tokens
    23. Boxes of precious metal
    24. Objet d'art made of precious stones
    25. Objet d'art of enamelled gold
    26. Objet d'art of enamelled silver
    27. Meditation beads
    28. Metal tokens used for mass transit
    29. Misbaha [prayer beads]
    30. Trinkets coated with precious metal
    31. Trophies made of precious metal alloys
    32. Trophies made of precious metals
    33. Silver alloys
    34. Silver objets d'art
    35. Trinkets of bronze
    36. Collectible coins
    37. Ruthenium alloys
    38. Rosaries
    39. Rhodium alloys
    40. Palladium alloys
    41. Osmium alloys
    42. Identity plates of precious metal
    43. Monetary coin sets for collecting purposes
    44. Commemorative boxes of precious metal
    45. Coins
    46. Fancy keyrings of precious metals
    47. Non-monetary coins
    48. Trophies coated with precious metal alloys
    49. Trophies coated with precious metals.
  • The mark was filed in class 18 with following description of goods:
    1. Luggage, bags, wallets and other carriers
    2. Umbrellas and parasols
    3. Saddlery, whips and apparel for animals
    4. Walking sticks
    5. Sheets of imitation leather for use in manufacture
    6. Worked or semi-worked hides and other leather
    7. Harness fittings
    8. Chamois leather, other than for cleaning purposes
    9. Kid
    10. Boxes of leather or leatherboard
    11. Labels of leather
    12. Casings, of leather, for springs
    13. Furs sold in bulk
    14. Leather luggage straps
    15. Goldbeaters' skin
    16. Imitation leather hat boxes
    17. Cattle skins
    18. Rawhide chews for dogs
    19. Chin straps, of leather
    20. Faux fur
    21. Cases of leather or leatherboard
    22. Leather cloth
    23. Reins for guiding children
    24. Leather for furniture
    25. Leather for shoes
    26. Leather and imitations of leather
    27. Leather sold in bulk
    28. Boxes made of leather
    29. Sheets of leather for use in manufacture
    30. Semi-worked fur
    31. Tefillin [phylacteries]
    32. Shoulder belts
    33. Shoulder belts [straps] of leather
    34. Straps for skates
    35. Butts [parts of hides]
    36. Leather, unworked or semi-worked
    37. Straps made of imitation leather
    38. Polyurethane leather
    39. Leather for harnesses
    40. Fur
    41. Furniture coverings of leather
    42. Trimmings of leather for furniture
    43. Moleskin [imitation of leather]
    44. Toiletry bags sold empty
    45. Valves of leather
    46. Straps for soldiers' equipment
    47. Leather laces
    48. Leather straps
    49. Leatherboard
    50. Studs of leather
    51. Imitation leather sold in bulk
    52. Imitation leather
    53. Girths of leather
    54. Leather twist
    55. Curried skins
    56. Shoulder straps
    57. Animal skins
    58. Industrial packaging containers of leather.
  • The mark was filed in class 20 with following description of goods:
    1. Animal housing and beds
    2. Containers, and closures and holders therefor, non-metallic
    3. Displays, stands and signage, non-metallic
    4. Ladders and movable steps, non-metallic
    5. Furniture and furnishings
    6. Statues, figurines, works of art and ornaments and decorations, made of materials such as wood, wax, plaster or plastic, included in the class
    7. Ambroid bars
    8. Oyster shells
    9. Bamboo
    10. Bamboo canes
    11. Yellow amber
    12. Ivory
    13. Whalebones
    14. Onigaya hay [raw or partly worked material]
    15. Plaited straw, except matting
    16. Antlers
    17. Stag antlers
    18. Wood ribbon
    19. Horn, unworked or semi-worked
    20. Coral
    21. Coral [unworked or partly worked]
    22. Wicker
    23. Cork bands
    24. Artificial horns
    25. Meerschaum
    26. Meerschaum [raw or partly worked material]
    27. Shells
    28. Shells [unworked or partly worked material]
    29. Mother-of-pearl
    30. Raw mother of pearl
    31. Rattan
    32. Animal teeth
    33. Animal claws
    34. Animal horns
    35. Animal hooves
    36. Animal bone [unworked or partly worked material]
    37. Straw plaits
    38. Straw edgings
    39. Tusks [raw or partly worked material]
    40. Corozo
    41. Reeds [raw or partly worked material]
    42. Imitation tortoiseshell
    43. Reeds [plaiting materials]
    44. Tortoiseshells [unworked or partly worked material]
    45. Tortoiseshell
    46. Mother-of-pearl, unworked or semi-worked
    47. Whalebone, unworked or semi-worked
    48. Ivory, unworked or semi-worked
    49. Rattan [unworked or partly worked material]
    50. Mooring buoys, non-metallic
    51. Fasteners, non-metallic
    52. Locks and keys, non-metallic
    53. Door, gate and window fittings, non-metallic
    54. Valves, non-metallic
    55. Shoe dowels, not of metal
    56. Spacers of plastic for use with sandwich panels
    57. Anchor bolts, not of metal
    58. Anchor bolts, not of metal, for use in bridge construction
    59. Shower curtain hooks
    60. Non-metal plant hangers
    61. Tree protectors [tubes] not of metal
    62. Tree protectors, not of metal
    63. Hard wood tree stakes
    64. Tree supports (Non-metallic -)
    65. Fasteners
    66. Non-metal picture hangers
    67. Mouldings made of plastics for picture frames
    68. Floor hinges, not of metal
    69. Non-metal dock cleats
    70. Shower grab bars, not of metal
    71. Shower rods
    72. Shower curtain rings
    73. Shower curtain rods
    74. Identification tags of plastic for animals
    75. Suspension rods (Non-metallic -) for hanging up articles
    76. Reels [not of metal, non-mechanical or parts of machines]
    77. Hooks for towels (Non-metallic -)
    78. Bag hangers, not of metal
    79. Hand fans
    80. Hand-operated non-metal garden hose reels
    81. Brackets of (Non-metallic -) used for fixing plaques
    82. Bathtub grab bars, not of metal
    83. Non-metal hooks
    84. Hooks for wall hangings (Non-metallic -)
    85. Tap venting plugs of plastic
    86. Tap venting plugs of wood
    87. Bath rails, not made of metal
    88. Handles of plastics materials for hollowware
    89. Plastic grave markers
    90. Non-metal garden stakes
    91. Molds of plaster for casting ceramic materials
    92. Tile spacers
    93. Hand-held flat fans
    94. Non-metal cabinet stops
    95. Mouldings made of substitutes of wood for picture frames
    96. Spring washers of plastic
    97. Springs made principally of plastic
    98. Staves of wood
    99. Labels of plastic
    100. Tissue holders [fixed] not of metal
    101. Non-metallic numberplate fasteners
    102. Fans for personal use, non-electric
    103. Rings for bulls' noses [non-metallic]
    104. Plastic squeeze tubes, empty
    105. Plastic knobs
    106. Plastic molds for making soap for commercial production purposes
    107. Plastic molds for making soap
    108. Plastic molds for use in manufacturing furniture
    109. Wood knobs
    110. Glass knobs
    111. Non-metal clamps
    112. Chain links of non-metallic materials
    113. Non-metal chains
    114. Ceramic knobs
    115. Ceramic pulls for drawers
    116. Ceramic pulls for cabinets, drawers and furniture
    117. Ceramic pulls for cabinets
    118. Ceramic pulls for furniture
    119. Corner protectors of plastics
    120. Identification bracelets, not of metal
    121. Ferrules of non-metallic materials for walking sticks
    122. Wooden sticks for holding candy or ice cream
    123. Reels of wood for yarn, silk, cord
    124. Wooden plant markers
    125. Non-metal saw horse brackets
    126. Saw horses
    127. Drawer pulls of plastic
    128. Drawer pulls of wood
    129. Drawer pulls of glass
    130. Finger-plates, not of metal
    131. Winding spools, not of metal, non-mechanical, for flexible hoses
    132. Reels, not of metal, non-mechanical, for flexible hoses
    133. Hose hangers not of metal
    134. Tracks [rails] (Non-metallic -)
    135. Overhead suspension tracks of non-metallic materials
    136. Hinges, not of metal having a spring action
    137. Hinges, not of metal incorporating a spring
    138. Hinges, not of metal
    139. Strap-hinges, not of metal
    140. Plastic suction cups
    141. Suction pads [fixings]
    142. Pipe support sleeves [plastic]
    143. Ring closures, other than of metal
    144. Porcelain pulls
    145. Split cane flower sticks
    146. Plastic plant markers
    147. Plastic ear tags for livestock
    148. Non-metal door viewers [non-magnified]
    149. Non-metallic license plate frames
    150. Non-metallic trays [other than for domestic use or for sorting or counting money]
    151. Trays, not of metal
    152. Clothes lines (Props for -), of wood or plastics
    153. Plant supports
    154. Basin plugs of non-metallic materials
    155. Plugs for showers, not of metal
    156. Plugs for baths, not of metal
    157. Poles, not of metal
    158. Stair rods of plastic
    159. Cane connectors of non-metallic materials
    160. Mats, removable, for sinks
    161. Sink liners
    162. Spools (non-metallic -) [other than parts of machines or apparatus]
    163. Spring assemblies (Non-metallic -) for incorporation into cushions
    164. Spring assemblies (Non-metallic -) for incorporation into mattresses
    165. Non-metal mirror hangers
    166. Turnbuckles (Non-metallic -)
    167. Stakes, not of metal, for plants or trees
    168. Safety hooks, not of metal
    169. Protective shields of plastics materials for trees
    170. Non-metal escutcheons
    171. Shoe pegs, not of metal
    172. Drawer pulls, not of metal
    173. Drawer pulls of earthenware
    174. Drawer pulls of porcelain
    175. Holders for pennants
    176. Non-metal weather vanes
    177. Cantilevered brackets of non-metallic materials [other than for building]
    178. Wall hooks of non-metallic materials
    179. Curtain rings
    180. Stacking adaptors non-metallic fittings
    181. Non-metal shims
    182. Grommets made of plastics materials
    183. Plastic washers
    184. Non-metal wheel chocks
    185. Door stops of wood
    186. Doorplates, not of metal
    187. Doorknobs, not of metal
    188. Porcelain doorknobs
    189. Wood doorknobs
    190. Handles made of plastics for doors
    191. Wood door handles
    192. Door, gate and window fittings
    193. Tube plugs (Non-metallic -)
    194. Stair edgings of plastics
    195. Stair fittings of plastics
    196. Shoulder poles [yokes]
    197. Stair rods
    198. Corner cap components, not of metal
    199. Non-metal cup hooks
    200. Ring pulls, not of metal
    201. Strain relief clips (Non-metallic -)
    202. Tent pegs, not of metal.
  • The mark was filed in class 21 with following description of goods:
    1. Brushes and other articles for cleaning, brush-making materials
    2. Tableware, cookware and containers
    3. Cosmetic and toilet utensils and bathroom articles
    4. Statues, figurines, plaques and works of art, made of materials such as porcelain, terra-cotta or glass, included in the class
    5. Unworked and semi-worked glass, not specified for use
    6. Brushes and brush-making articles
    7. Cleaning articles
    8. Apple corers
    9. Containers for flowers
    10. Repotting containers for plants
    11. Watering devices
    12. Holders for flowers and plants [flower arranging]
    13. Syringes for watering flowers and plants
    14. Bouquet holders
    15. Holders for flowers
    16. Window-boxes
    17. Flower baskets
    18. Flower bowls
    19. Flower bowls of precious metal
    20. Jardinieres of glass
    21. Jardinieres of earthenware
    22. Flower syringes
    23. Flower pot holders
    24. Flower pots
    25. Flower vases
    26. Flower vases of precious metal
    27. Nozzles for watering cans
    28. Seed tray inserts
    29. Gardening gloves
    30. Garden syringes
    31. Watering cans
    32. Compost containers for household use
    33. Planters of clay
    34. Porcelain flower pots
    35. Planters of plastic
    36. Planters of earthenware
    37. Planters of glass
    38. Plastic spray nozzles
    39. Water syringes for spraying plants
    40. Glass vases
    41. Vases
    42. Saucers for flower pots
    43. Sprayer wands for garden hoses
    44. Pot plant support sticks
    45. Nozzles for watering hose
    46. Sprayers attached to garden hoses
    47. Greenhouse syringes
    48. Spray nozzles for garden hoses
    49. Nozzles for hosepipes
    50. Bowls for plants
    51. Bowls for floral decorations
    52. Seed trays
    53. Lawn sprinklers
    54. Plant baskets
    55. Plant syringes
    56. Flower-pot covers, not of paper
    57. Plastic lids for plant pots
    58. Indoor terrariums [plant cultivation]
    59. Indoor terrariums [vivariums]
    60. Aquaria and vivaria
    61. Devices for pest and vermin control
    62. Litter scoops for use with pet animals
    63. Containers for bird food
    64. Brushes for pets
    65. Brushes for grooming horses
    66. Wire cages for household pets
    67. Electronic pet feeders
    68. Fur brushes for animals
    69. Filters for use in cat litter pans
    70. Small animal feeders
    71. Bird feeders for feeding caged birds
    72. Bird feeders in the nature of containers
    73. Litter trays for birds
    74. Food containers for pet animals
    75. Plastic containers for dispensing food to pets
    76. Bird feeders for feeding birds in the wild
    77. Mangers for animals
    78. Mangers for cows
    79. Mangers for horses
    80. Mangers for sheep
    81. Feeding troughs for livestock
    82. Poultry rings
    83. Goldfish bowls
    84. Scoops for the disposal of pet waste
    85. Poultry troughs
    86. Feeding troughs
    87. Plastic containers for dispensing drink to pets
    88. Cages for household pets
    89. Drinking troughs
    90. Combs for animals
    91. Animal bristles [brushware]
    92. Currycombs
    93. Litter boxes for pets
    94. Perches for bird cages
    95. Pig troughs
    96. Scoops for the disposal of animals excrement
    97. Horse brushes of wire
    98. Horse brushes
    99. Non-mechanized animal feeders
    100. Non-mechanized pet waterers in the nature of portable water and fluid dispensers for pets
    101. Mane brushes [horse combs]
    102. Metal pans for cattle
    103. Feeding troughs of metal for cattle
    104. Dog food scoops
    105. Nest eggs, artificial
    106. Cages of metal for domestic use
    107. Combs for use on domestic animals
    108. Plastics trays for use as litter trays for cats
    109. Cat litter pans
    110. Watering troughs for cattle
    111. Pet feeding and drinking bowls
    112. Bird feeders
    113. Animal activated livestock feeders
    114. Animal activated livestock waterers
    115. Animal activated animal feeders
    116. Rings for birds
    117. Bird cages for domestic birds
    118. Bird baths not being structures
    119. Bird baths
    120. Birdcages
    121. Battery operated lint removers
    122. Ironing boards
    123. Flat-iron stands
    124. Ironing cloths
    125. Electric lint removers
    126. Lint removers, electric or non-electric
    127. Glove stretchers
    128. Shirt stretchers
    129. Trouser presses
    130. Trouser stretchers
    131. Clothes brushes
    132. Clothing stretchers
    133. Buttonhooks
    134. Tie presses
    135. Non-electric lint removers
    136. Wax-polishing appliances, non-electric, for shoes
    137. Frames for drying and maintaining the shape of clothing items
    138. Shoe horns
    139. Brushes for footwear
    140. Shoe polishing mitts
    141. Shoe shine cloths
    142. Shoe cloths
    143. Shoe scrapers incorporating brushes
    144. Shoe trees [stretchers]
    145. Boot stretchers of wood
    146. Ironing board covers, shaped
    147. Clothes drying hangers specially designed for specialty clothing
    148. Clothes drying hangers
    149. Drying racks for laundry
    150. Rotary washing lines
    151. Clothes-pegs
    152. Laundry baskets
    153. Clothes drying racks
    154. Boot trees [stretchers]
    155. Boot jacks.
  • The mark was filed in class 22 with following description of goods:
    1. Padding and stuffing materials
    2. Raw textile fibers and substitutes
    3. Bags and sacks for packaging, storage and transport
    4. Nets
    5. Slings and bands
    6. Tarpaulins, awnings, tents, and unfitted coverings
    7. Sails
    8. Ropes and strings
    9. Liners for use in bulk containers
    10. Outdoor blinds of textile
    11. Bindings, not of metal
    12. Plastic liners for the storage of bulk material in containers
    13. Network
    14. Plant hangers of rope
    15. Burlap wraps for plants
    16. Canvas wraps for plants
    17. Tarred brattice cloth
    18. Brattice cloth.
  • The mark was filed in class 24 with following description of goods:
    1. Filtering materials of textile
    2. Textile goods, and substitutes for textile goods
    3. Fabrics.
  • The mark was filed in class 28 with following description of goods:
    1. Festive decorations and artificial Christmas trees
    2. Fairground and playground apparatus
    3. Toys, games, playthings and novelties
    4. Sporting articles and equipment.